Are you looking for change?

  • Are you caught up in repeating behaviours and patterns? 
  • Stuck in a never-ending loop and struggling to see a way out?
  • Know that you’re here for a specific reason, but not able to pin point it yet?
  • Know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing at the moment?

I feel your pain. I’ve been there sooooo many times, and I know how deeply frustrating and soul-destroying it can be to feel this way. Click the button to explore how you can make a change and create more flow in your life with me.


I’m Kylie

I had been searching for something my whole life.  I knew deep within myself that things weren’t quite right from a young age.
Through many, many lessons and a personal development journey over 11 years ago.  I began to tune into myself and follow the breadcrumbs that came along my path.
Sound Therapy synchronistically came into my world and skyrocketed my awareness, my clarity, sense of direction, and with this work.  I began remembering who I was at my core essence.
Whether you are feeling stuck, lost, have no direction or aren’t even sure what is going on with you at the moment.  I can work with you to… Start clearing the blocks and unwanted energies that are in your way. 
You have so much untapped potential within you that is calling out to be unleashed.  Sound Therapy will shift your resonance clearing the blocks and fill you up with the desired frequencies to allow you to step into your magnificence.  There is nothing wrong per se.  A little guidance and navigation will have you back on course.   

How You can work with me.

Are you ready to see what’s on the other side? Work with me and begin to break free from the limiting beliefs and conditioning that have been placed upon you… Learn more about my other offerings and how you can work with me by clicking the button below.

Group Sound Sessions

Receive relaxing sound frequencies.  A great way to restore balance into your day-to-day life.  Never experienced a sound session before?  This is a great way to start.

Energetic Coaching

Work closely with me over your chosen period of time and see your life transform!


It all begins with an idea.  Sound combined with yoga, breathwork, movement, networking events, retreats, arts, fellow soundies, assorted functions.  
The opportunities are endless!
Sound meditation at the beginning of an event is the ideal ice breaker.  Bringing your guests into harmonic resonance with one another.


The Shift Was Incredible!

“Wow! I had my sound balancing done with Kylie and the shift was just incredible.
Since my appointment I feel super grounded and connected.
The setting was very relaxing and the sounds were truly magical.
Cannot wait for my next session!”

– Nadine

“Fate led me to Kylie’s sound healing sessions and they have been more than that. 

Each session peels back another uncomfortable layer that I don’t but NEED to work on to move forward, grow, BREATHE. 

I’m so grateful for the gift she shares with me each session and how much I take away, feel deeply and feel where I’m led to next.

I am always so surprised how my body reacts in each session as it makes me more aware of me in my skin….my soul

Thank you, my friend, for your gentle, calm, kindness, the joy you ooze on sight alone.  Let favour, love and healing resound in each note you share, with those you meet.”

– Much Love T

"Sound Healing with Kylie always guarantees a wonderful and personal experience. Even in a group situation, she somehow tailors to individual needs and makes you leave feeling fab. Her space is so comfortable and welcoming. Kylie herself has the best energy! She's completely non judgemental, warm and bubbly, there's no one that I could trust more to assist me to look after my soul"

Nadia Shaw

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You are your own healer. There is no shortage of brilliant resources to assist your healing journey. Click the link to see some of my favourite resources.


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