Ancient vibrations meeting modern needs. Restore balance, release tension, and reclaim your vitality.

More than a solution for stress, anxiety, better mood and sleep. 

Discover the ancient wisdom of Sound for modern well-being and catalyst for personal growth.

From daily stress to clarity, balance, and deeper Connection. Sound therapy offers a path to optimal well-being and self-discovery

Who Is Tua Pa Sound?

I’m Kylie, and for the last several years, my journey has been about self-discovery and acceptance, becoming braver, breaking unhealthy patterns and determining how I can help others. 

Through this process, I was called to explore Sound therapy and its unique healing abilities. After training and practice, I now use the transformative power of this technique to bring your energy back into balance, access greater clarity, and release what holds you back.

If you’re ready for real change, tired of feeling trapped by unhealthy habits, and curious about a different way forward, I’m here to support you – right here in Perth, Western Australia or via a remote session. Individual and group bookings are available.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
Nikola Tesla

Sound Therapy: An accessible tool for well-being.

Our bodies are resonant systems that transmit and receive the energy, frequency and vibration of the world and people around us. Even if you aren’t particularly sensitive to noises, certain Sounds impact us, for better or worse.

The vibrations of Sound healing instruments and vocals interact with our brainwaves and cells. These specific Sound frequencies promote calming alpha (relaxation and reflection) and theta (dreaming, flow state) brainwave activity to create a calmer mind state and promote cellular renewal.

Sound therapy, or Sound baths, is more than relaxation. It’s a non-invasive, profoundly potent technique used for centuries. It can shift stagnant or unhelpful energy and emotions stored in the body and reduce physical pain from injuries and specific conditions.

Combined with lying down in comfortable stillness, the Sound bath process allows us to drop into a deep state of relaxation, releasing emotional blocks and revealing subconscious insights about ourselves and our lives.

From the worksite to the office desk, Sound therapy isn’t only for the mind. Sore muscles and nagging injuries can benefit from Sound vibration sessions, which support your body’s natural healing ability and beautifully complement treatments like physiotherapy, chiropractic, and osteotherapy.

What to Expect In A Session

Sound therapy is a beautiful tool for anyone seeking better sleep, a consistent, calmer emotional state, clearer focus, increased energy and a deeper connection to themselves.

  • Experience deep comfort as you recline with blankets and pillow supports.
  • I’ll immerse you in an arrangement of soothing Sounds (I use singing bowls, gongs, chimes, shaman drum, hang drum, and flute)

Allow yourself to drift into a relaxed state and receive whatever comes up for you to move through you. It’s totally okay if you fall asleep! Delta (sleep) brain waves are the deepest levels of restoration and healing.

Based on 18 reviews
Lawrie Robinson
Lawrie Robinson
Absolutely talented beyond belief. I am left feeling so connected to myself, grounded and appreciative of life. Thank you Kylie for transforminf my mind and soul
Kayla Rowe
Kayla Rowe
Wow! Who would have thought that a couple of 1-1 personalized sound therapy sessions could change so much! Any person, Adult or child, I highly recommend you give Kylie a go to experience her talent that will shift things for you. She holds Such a paitent, kind and loving presence in her welcoming studio, you won’t be disappointed you gave it a shot. Thank-you Kylie!
A vv
A vv
Second time I’ve attended a sound healing session with Kylie and each time just gets better!
Skn A
Skn A
Absolutely amazing experience like no other - highly recommend taking that leap in to something new. Thank you Kylie!!
larnie burr
larnie burr
I believe that deep meditation is led by the depth of the teacher and where the teacher guides you . Both to which I am truly grateful. Thank you Kylie 🙏
Edwina Taylor
Edwina Taylor
I can't recommend Kylie's 1:1 sound healing sessions enough! Each time I leave, I'm not just relaxed,I'm genuinely mind-blown. Kylie has a unique way of tapping into the energy I am carrying to clear this, and the insights and clarity I've gained are nothing short of transformative. The sessions go beyond typical relaxation. The soothing vibrations and frequencies create an atmosphere where my tension melts away and I can get out of my head. What sets Kylie apart is the lasting impact. There's an excitement that lingers well after the session ends, a sense that something within me has shifted for the better. It's like she tunes into the frequencies of my soul, unlocking doors to insights and understanding that stay with me long after the sound waves have faded. If you're looking for an experience that goes beyond conventional relaxation and brings about genuine transformation, Kylie's 1:1 sound healing is the way to go. It's a journey within that leaves you not just refreshed, but with a newfound clarity that permeates every aspect of your being.
Carmen Chesson
Carmen Chesson
A session with Kylie has helped me move through some significant family and relationship distress and turmoil. She approaches things holistically by gathering information and getting to know you prior. She customises the session by tuning into not only what you want to heal, but what you need on the day. She gives her insights afterwards which were spot on and some simple supportive tools for later. The experience is so subtle yet so profound. The energy shifts were almost immediate and continued to trickle through for the following week. Kylie is a powerful healing practitioner and I’ll definitely lean into this modality under her beautiful, intuitive guidance again.
Lisa Rowe
Lisa Rowe
This was my first sound mediation and I was very impressed and would certainly do it again. Kylie plays music the whole hour which helps you get deep into a meditative state. Thanks Kylie!
Tracey Vermaak
Tracey Vermaak
Thank you Kylie, for such a beautiful sound session. I felt totally relaxed, comfortable and the sounds were just bliss! I will be back again soon!
Yasmin ;/
Yasmin ;/
As a first time experience I knew I would only feel as safe and at home with Kylie. Totally beautiful and really helped me ground myself at the end of the week, have never felt more comfortable and helped me start the next morning on such a positive note. Over the moon with the experience and can’t wait to be apart of more!


You are your own healer. There is no shortage of brilliant resources to assist your healing journey. Click the link to see some of my favourite resources.


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