My Story

Kylie Holdem

Growing up as a child, finding out you were different from everyone around you from what I can remember was a shock. A bit like feeling like an alien from another galaxy.  Or so I thought for many, years into my life.  Not knowing who I was, my cultural identity as such was a really big missing piece of my puzzle that I carried this story around with me.  I think that was the theme for a good 3 decades. 

I was definitely a daydreamer, loved everything music, nature, anything creative.

Left school to study music, only to tell myself that I wasn’t good enough to pursue it as any kind of a career.  Got myself a “real job” Fulfilling this life working full time mostly in retail management and partying every single weekend to escape reality.  There was always a whisper right from a young age that I was sure there was more to life than this.
Setting a goal of travelling and living overseas with my partner now hubby was an incredible time of our lives for about 2 years.  We had adventures, worked through challenges together and as western culture seems to be, we drank a lot.  This is how you live life right?
We settled in back home in NZ, got our old jobs back.  Saved for a house, got married and had a baby.
Baby came early at 29 weeks, weighing in at 2.2 pounds (1180g, 30cm)
We then made a decision to move to Australia after the Christchurch earthquakes, needing a break to settle our nervous systems.  Finding jobs, experiencing working 12 hour shifts with a 2-year-old, coming home at 4am to get up by 5.530 am was not ideal and I wondered why I was losing my mind….  (you get my drift)
Fast forward through the schooling system very early on, being advised by a teacher that our son was “autistic” We went through a very interesting time of trying to “fix” him in a system we didn’t realise at the time was a broken one.  Looking back now with the experience and tools I now carry, as more conscious parents, we now know better.
2019 is where Sound Therapy emerged into my life and since then has forever changed.  Studying and experiencing the 1:1 sessions myself is where my biggest transformation has been.  Triggering the awakening process in me in early 2020 and hubby end of 2020.   We now both see life through a different lens.  It hasn’t been an easy process, losing and fracturing relationships through our different viewpoints and shedding of our old selves that once were.  Seeing through the illusions of materialism, surface level conversations and worldly matters.  
Standing in your power and speaking your truth unapologetically.  Walking in the opposite direction of the crowd is not an easy thing to do.  But once you remember who you are and what you stand for in life.  This is where everything changes.  You now know, that you really are full of potential, it’s just a matter of doing the self work, reaching for your visions and being intentional in making your way there.  In November 2021, I stood in front of 40,000 people and sung my heart out, full power, like never before in my life,
I can really see that we are the creators of our reality, anything is possible and you have the spark within you that can make it happen.  
Everything in our lives is about resonance.  We change the resonance.  We change our lives.
I have lived through the challenges and the pain of constantly getting in my own way and through sound have cleared so many patterns and blocks that have kept me stuck.
It’s now time for me to help you.
Are you ready to take your life to the next level?


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