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Upcoming Events

Earth, Air and Ether – Elemental Sound Series

Sonic Energy Centres Balance

Sonic Aura Cleanse  

Sonic Energetic Reset

Sonic Advanced Session

Sonic Distant Healing Sessions

Intimate Session: Sound Bath for 2

Group Sound Sessions

1 hour of relaxing sound frequencies.  A great way to restore balance into your day-to-day life.  Never experienced a sound session before?  This is a great way to start.

Energetic Mentoring

Work closely with me over your chosen period of time and see your life transform!



It all begins with an idea.  Sound combined with yoga, breathwork, movement, networking events, retreats, arts, fellow soundies, assorted functions.  
The opportunities are endless!
Sound meditation at the beginning of an event is the ideal ice breaker.  Bringing your guests into harmonic resonance with one another.


Restoring balance + harmony to your home and land through the healing frequencies of sound.

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