Sonic Energy Centres Balance


Sonic Energy Centres Balancing

Our energy centres are connected to our nervous system, glands, corresponding organs and all work together to bring harmony within the body.  Your energy centres can become overactive, underactive and even close down through day to day life, events, thoughts, your environment, diet, relationships and the relationship that you have with yourself all have an impact on your energetic centres.

Symptoms vary, depending on where the imbalances are.


Feeling disconnected, ungrounded, sleeping issues, pain in different areas of the body, lacking confidence, any areas relating to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual can be affected.  


During a session, you will be bathed in sound frequencies.  Through sound and intention, your energy centres will be brought back into harmonic resonance.  Leaving you feeling lighter and with a clearer mind.  There are so many benefits, all individual to the client.


Once the balance is complete, you will receive a detailed synopsis of what came up in the session along with 2 strategies to take home and keep you moving forward.


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